Build Your Own Unangax Iqyax / Aleutian Sea Kayak 2015


Mind’s Eye Manufactory – Aleutian skin-on-frame sea kayak

Dates: February 26th through March 5th, 2015

Cost: $2000.00
Instructor: Marc Daniels has spent the past two decades traveling throughout Alaska’s Aleutian, Shumagin, and Pribilof Islands leading skin boat projects with the Unangax (Aleut) people.

Create your own a beautiful, tailor-fitted iqyax (ik’ yah).

Description: Come make your own Aleutian skin-on-frame sea kayak during the week prior to Storm Gathering. Each builder in this workshop will use the measurements of his or her body to create a beautiful, tailor-fitted iqyax (ik’ yah) to launch at the gathering. A traditional iqyax that you make with your own hands will be truly yours, fitting you as no production-molded fiberglass or plastic kayak can. It will be tough, lightweight, quiet on the water, and unsurpassed for seaworthiness; a beautiful expression of you, the builder.
All materials are supplied and no woodworking experience is necessary. Students are welcome to bring friends or family to help work on their iqyax project.

Build Your Own Unangax Iqyax.

Contact: This class is operated by Mind’s Eye Manufactory. For more information or to register, email Marc Daniels at
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