Instructor Speciality Class: Roger Schumann

Unscrambling the Scramble: Self Rescue and Beyond

More than a mode of self-rescue, the Cowboy(girl) Scramble technique is great for expanding your launching and landing repertoire, and for developing core skills to help you become a better paddler. Before working on rescues, we’ll break down the scramble technique as used for basic launching /landing, offering tips and tricks for getting off/on beaches quickly and easily (compared to awkward knuckle walking). We’ll also cover more-advanced versions like “lunge launches” and “speed launches,” useful for accessing “tricky” beaches. In the process of practicing Scramble Launches/Landings, you’ll automatically be refining your deep-water rescue skills, as well as improving the core bracing and balancing skills that help keep you from capsizing and needing to do a rescue in the first place. Participants should have been introduced previously to both the Scramble Rescue and the sculling brace.


Coach: Roger Schumann

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